Operation Amotekun: Part One, Two and Three

Operation Amotekun: Part One, Two and Three

Babafemi A. Badejo, Ph.D.

I lived in Nairobi for 11 years working for the United Nations on peace for Somalia. It meant I went into Mogadishu where I had earlier lived for two years (before the UN’s evacuation), on as needed basis. I was part of the UN’s support of the unending peace dialogues and conferences.

As I am wanting to do in many aspects of my life and shocked by the situation in Mogadishu, I thought through, planned and concluded that if Nigeria were to implode, I would choose to live in Nairobi or Accra if I must become a refugee. I enjoyed and made friends from far and wide in the city. But I knew and know that refugees have little choices. It depends on which country and/or community is willing to accept them.

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Operation Amotekun Parts 1-3