If one word sums up YSC, it is: Integrity

About YSC

Yintab Strategy Consults (YSC), is a top-tier consulting firm with recognized expertise focused on serving the comprehensive needs of and providing humanitarian services, legal, professional, and strategic advice, as well as other professional support services including for business seminars, publications and other corporate services to private individuals, governments, international multilateral organizations, multi-national corporations, governmental, and non-governmental organizations. YSC is an outgrowth of Yintab Limited. For more, see www.yintab.com.

With the coordinating role of the lead Consultant and CEO, YSC offers a team approach to its consulting services. With a dedicated core coordinating staff made up of experienced professionals and legal experts, YSC relies on a wide array of standing capacities drawn on as needed basis from Universities and Think-Tanks in Africa and beyond as well as experts who have garnered a lot of experience from different international organizations; including the United Nations; the African Union; the World Bank; African Development Bank; the European Union and the Economic Community of West African States, as well as experts from business and national governments.  YSC is renowned for a balanced and quality service.

The services of YSC are consistently sought out on a wide variety of humanitarian, corporate, legal, and professional services as well as for publications and speech writing. The YSC team is deeply engaged in cutting-edge research on new ways to identify and predict the drivers of success in our areas of expertise.

The coordinating base is located in the vibrant heart of Lagos, Nigeria with offices in Nairobi, Kenya and New Jersey, USA. All our experts are either Africans or people who have lived in and are passionate about Africa.

Each YSC consultant has a multidisciplinary expertise along with specialized experiences in law, corporate operations, conflict resolution, peacekeeping/peacemaking, capacity building, corporate seminars, publications, research, and speech writing.