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Covid-19, an Eightieth Birthday and Politics in Nigeria

Covid-19, an Eightieth Birthday and Politics in Nigeria

By: Babafemi A. Badejo, Ph.D

July 3, 2020 was the 80th birthday anniversary of Prof. Adebola Kukoyi. The Yoruba or better still, the Ijebu sub-group, tended to have loud “owambe” (literally: it’s there i.e., the party is rich in all respects: attendance, loud live-bands, food and drinks, elegant competitive dressing: including in uniformed fabric with diverse designs), to mark landmark birthdays.

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Covid-19, an Eightieth Birthday and Politics in Nigeria

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    Napoleon Abdulai

    Thank you for sharing.

    Wishing the consults the very best.

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    Abiodun FOLUSO

    I appreciate the style in your write-up my lecturer and Egbon, especially the way you always bring the issue of Nigeria’s underdevelopment to focus. My concern however is how to getting things work and make a positive change in the country which appears almost impossible at the risk of being pessimistic.
    At one point, I submitted that I was not going to write any newspapers contribution again as far as suggesting ways forward on the ground that there is nothing to be said that has not been said, and there is nothing to be written that has not been written only that we have been conquered by post colonialist comprador bourgeoisie who are unwilling to yield to people’s desire for development. I do not foresee a violent revolution but we definitely need a revolution of ideas to garner the people to support a move away from the past but where will the new leaders emerge from???? Abiodun FOLUSO

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