If one word sums up YSC, it is: Integrity

Conflict Prevention/Management and Peace Operations Support and Advisory Services

YSC’s expertise goes beyond handling conflicts in corporate entities but able puts to use its many experts trained over many years by the United Nations on the continuum of conflict prevention through to post-conflict peacebuilding in intra and inter country conflicts. The services in this pillar include:

  • Providing training and advisory support services on conflict prevention, management and resolution of violent conflicts;
  • Facilitating peace processes by conducting researches and providing conflict analyses and assessments drawing on a variety of methodologies to identify factors that can mitigate or exacerbate tensions taking into consideration political, anthropological, social/demographic, economic, cultural, and educational dynamics;
  •  Monitoring and evaluating of peace/conflict resolution and designing reconciliation/intricate mediation projects and programmes to assist organizations in maximizing the effectiveness of the work they are either undertaking or funding in this area, by providing mid-term and final evaluations to assess efficiency, impact, and accountability;
  • Provision of facilitation services at workshops, seminars etc for private/public institutions;
  • Sharing knowledge and experience with Governments and institutions preparing police and military personnel for UN/AU/ECOWAS peace support operations as well as to NGOs and governmental and intergovernmental organizations seeking to conduct brainstorming sessions, problem-solving workshops, conferences, or team-building exercises;
  • Offer medium and high level coaching services on mediation of peace processes.