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Memorable Catch-up with a Good Friend

Memorable Catch-up with a Good Friend

Babafemi A. Badejo, Ph.D.

A reasonable portion of today April 29, 2019, was spent with Olubukonla Onabolu reminiscing about different parts of my early life. Of course, with her Şina this and Şina that it is clear that it is a relationship of well over 52 years but we had not seen each other for about 48 years till today. Whenever I hear anyone call me Şina, I know immediately that such a person was from Araromi Street (New Road), Iloro Street and Igboburo through to Ita Ntebo and Odo-Egbo, all in Ijębu-Ode. Outside of those areas, I am Babafęmi to all else or simply put, ‘Fęmi.

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Memorable Catch up with a Good Friend