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The Human Side of Kofi Annan

The Human Side of Kofi Annan

Babafemi A. Badejo, Ph.D

I knew Kofi Annan has to die. Somehow, I never thought it would be this early for him. More so, when we were only told that it was after a brief illness. Brief illness for a great African, one of the best human beings, sounds strange for an eighty-year-old with access to the very best medical intervention possible on earth. I had thought he could have gone on for as long as Madiba did.

I would be stupid to want to analyse on the great deeds of Kofi Annan that altered the strategic framework of our world. I will not be exhaustive even in a thousand-page volume on Kofi at the UN and on our planet earth.

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The Human Side of Kofi Annan

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