If one word sums up YSC, it is: Integrity

Humanitarian Services

YSC’s lead Consultant, Dr Babafemi Badejo, charged with the delivery of the operationalization of the African Union Humanitarian Agency.

YSC offers adept humanitarian services at different capacities and levels. With our team of multi-background experts, with field experiences in the humanitarian sector, we have a good grasp of the wide spectrum of man-made and natural humanitarian crisis mitigating the efforts and investments of individuals, organizations, NGOs, Governments, Continental, Regional and the International community in building  safer and sustainable communities for development. We have focused on the following areas with proven success over the years:

  • Designing, re-designing or restructuring disaster risk reduction and resilience strategies
  • Disaster risk reduction and resilience building
  • Disaster preparedness/EWS
  • Building Early Warning and Assessment Teams, including creating rostering databases
  • Capacity building for humanitarian response
  • Training of humanitarian services delivery teams
  • Strategy in Disaster and humanitarian management
  • Desk studies, research, drafting, technical support, lectures
  • Policy design and specific studies on aspects of human insecurities, poverty, gender and sexual based insecurities