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Ọmọlúwàbí and Ojude-Oba

Ọmọlúwàbí and Ojude-Oba

Babafemi A. Badejo, Ph.D.

The Ijębu people of Nigeria took on and domesticated the Durbar concept over a hundred years ago. The historical background to Ojude-Oba (Durbar among Ijębus) was well articulated in a Facebook posting by Engineer Kayode Sote last year. There is no doubt that the current paramount King of the Ijębus Oba Sikiru Adetona, the Awujale of Ijębuland went far in modernising Ojude-Oba and made it a major annual carnival that is now on the cultural tourism circuit of Nigeria.

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Ọmọlúwàbí and Ojude Oba