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From CFA to ECO: What’s in a Name?

From CFA to ECO: What’s in a Name?

Babafemi A. Badejo, Ph.D.

In international politics, there are no permanent friends (at least not one that colonized you), but permanent interests. The CFA is a neo-colonial relation between 8 former colonies of France except Guinea-Bissau which was colonized by Portugal. It is in the interest of France to maintain the relations with its former colonies in spite of hushed tones of dissatisfaction from those pretending to be African leaders.  Countries collaborate if it’s in their respective interests. Many a time, countries operate on how to better their selfish interest. So, France or Britain, (in the case of Nigeria), must not be blamed for always trying to protect their respective interests over and above those of their respective former colonies. It is for Africans to wake-up, use their brains and brawn for change instead of stupidly praying to God/gods of others and expecting freedom through miracles!

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From CFA to ECO